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Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman

Professional Adventurer & CEO, Freeman High Performance

Brian Freeman is arguably Australia’s greatest ever adventurer and, certainly, one of a handful of the world’s current outstanding adventurers.

With such a wealth of experiences to draw on, it’s no wonder Brian is able to keep audiences of all sizes enthralled with spellbinding stories that convey true Aussie spirit and courage. Brian has spoken with and in front of the nation’s leaders. He has presented in front of Prime Ministers past and present, Governor Generals past and present and leaders of the Australian business community. His perspective is unique and his words are truly original, challenging, motivating and inspiring.

Brian Freeman presents an incredibly empowering and emotional story of a four-year journey carrying the legacy of the 41 Australian Soldiers killed in the war in Afghanistan.

A consummate observer of high performing individuals in all walks of life – business, family, adventure and sport – Brian has lead Prime Ministers, business leaders and sporting greats on adventures all around the globe. This follows Brian’s 20-year career as an Australian Infantry and Special Forces Soldier, an Operations Officer under General Sir Peter Cosgrove in East Timor and a record-breaking adventurer.

In a powerful and resonating keynote address, Brian shares the three major and five supportive pillars of leadership at all levels. Through insightful storytelling, he shares vibrant examples of application. Adverse situations encountered during extreme adventure pursuits provide countless entertaining, breath-taking and memorable illustrations of how to turn theory into effective leadership actions.

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